Dr. Randall Westgren, Director

The McQuinn Center is directed by Dr. Randall Westgren, who holds the Al and Mary Agnes McQuinn Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership. He has been the holder of the Chair since December 2008, when he joined the University of Missouri. He previously held professorial positions at the University of Illinois- Champaign, McGill University in Montréal, and Santa Clara University (California). He has worked in colleges of agriculture and business and his teaching and research reflect these two domains. He holds the PhD in agricultural economics from Purdue University. For a more complete biography, see here.


Dr. Peter Hofherr, Assistant Director

The Assistant Director of the McQuinn Center is Dr. Peter Hofherr. Peter has been involved in the Center since its inception. His leadership in the teaching and research programs derives from his own uniqueness. He completed his PhD in agriculture and applied economics at Mizzou in May 2014. During his doctoral program, he was CEO of the family business founded by his parents: The St. James Winery in central Missouri. He also served the public as Director of Agriculture for the State and Chief of Staff to the Governor in the 2001-2007 period. In recent years, he has served as chair of the Missouri Wine and Grape Board, the statutory industry association for the winemakers and grape growers in the State. He is also one on most accomplished teachers of financial management for entrepreneurs in the US.